Sunday, April 22, 2007

Immigration makes America Rich

A friend of mine mentioned to me his feeling that American civilizatoin is in decline. I had similar thoughts before I left the US last fall. But I have come to appreciate certian things about America that I think will still make it stay on top for a while. I've certainly found that the Middle East is not on the incline. And I learned that the one thing the truly keeps America on top is that it is the destination for the world's disillusioned educated and hard-working. It is the immigrants that make America richer than anything else. You see this everywhere. The smart and educated from Syria and Egypt such as doctors and engineers move to the states, add to this the Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, and Eastern Europeans, and you have roughly the best of the world in one country. When those smart, educated people stop immigrating to the states, that's perhaps when we may look for some sort of decline. Maybe in India and China they'll soon start staying as those countries improve. But they aren't ready to do so in Syria and Egypt. Just about every person I asked in Syria to tell me their life goals said it was to leave Syria to Europe or America. A German friend of mine in Syria who taught a German class said all her students with the exception of one were doctors. They were studying German to go an specialize there. I asked why Germany, and she said because the door to America was closed to them. Well.. it is still open to Syrians. But it is much, much more difficult to go to America that people stop trying. And that is our loss, America's loss. And in this case, Germany's gain.


Zachary said...

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rock-the-way said...

what you have write is going to help me for my english test tomorow about "immigration makes america".
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